Anyone who, in addition to a sense of romance, has a soft spot for special automobiles will find the answer here.

Your wedding car with chauffeur

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Everything is lovingly planned for the big day on which you want to tie the knot. Only one question is still open. How do you get to the registry office or to the church and after the solemn ceremony to your wedding location in a stylish and appropriate way? Anyone who, in addition to a sense of romance, also has a soft spot for special automobiles will find the answer here.
For your big day, I offer you a ride in one of my extravagant automobiles, with me as your chauffeur with heart and style, always in the right outfit. Sit back, relax and enjoy your big day from start to finish.

My offer for you

Do you want your wedding to be a unique experience and the most beautiful day of your life?

It is important that everything runs smoothly and that you can rely on punctuality, safety and reliability. You should also find a bridal car that fits the setting of your wedding. I offer you a wide range of impressive wedding vehicles, from the classic Mercedes Benz 280 S to the elegant Mercedes Pullman or a Mercedes 420 SEL, with which you are guaranteed to make a glamorous appearance and have a lot of fun. With your floral decorations, my exclusive cars become even more of a real eye-catcher and provide a festive setting for the most beautiful day of your life.

does not start
with a date

Love begins with a tingling in the stomach
and an endless smile on your face.

"Losing your heart is the best way to discover you have one."

Mobirise Mobirise

It is important to me that you find the “right” bridal car. A car that suits you and the setting of your wedding.
Take your pick: I have a wide range of elegant Mercedes oldtimers and youngtimers ready for you.
The rent per hour including chauffeur is indicated individually for each car. For arrivals and departures I calculate the respective half hourly rate of the vehicle. Please note that I do not rent my cars to self-drivers. Your floral decorations can of course be attached, I would be happy to recommend an experienced florist.


May I introduce myself

My name is Gert Christian Gosch.

My passion for beautiful cars, a small fleet of special vehicles has accumulated over the years, consisting of four vintage cars, a luxury class W126 long-wheelbase limousine and a Pullman. I drive my cars on special occasions, but I especially enjoy driving bridal couples. Since I speak perfect English, international bridal couples and guests also feel well understood and in good hands with me. So you can be sure that no one will chauffeur you on your big day, but that I will do it with heart, style and a special love.
The vehicles I offer are my passion and therefore of course restored with passion and maintained by me personally. I have had my driver's license for more than 30 years and of course I have a passenger transport license. So if you decide on an extravagant vehicle for your wedding day - with me as a stylishly dressed chauffeur - you can be sure that everything will run smoothly and that you will get to the desired wedding location completely smoothly and stress-free. And a vintage car decorated with flowers - with the charm of bygone days - will conjure up a smile on the faces of your wedding party.
Treat yourself to this glamorous appearance and book the Hanseatic wedding cars with chauffeur right away. 

Find the right one
vehicle for yourself

Treat yourself to this glamorous appearance and book
the Hanseatic wedding cars with a chauffeur. 

Mercedes Limousine

(W108) EZ 1971

The original German charm of the old Mercedes Benz makes some hearts beat faster. So if you like classic combined with style, then this car is for you. The car offers seat belts and headrests on all 4 seats.

(from March to October)

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Mercedes Ponton 220S

(W180) EZ 1959

In the 1950s, people knew pretty well how to accompany an elegant appearance with mobile devices. Fine leather, fluffy carpets and, above all, lots of wood made the spacious interior a salon for the well-to-do. Perfect for couples who dare to dream at the beginning of their marriage. Headrests but no seatbelts: headrests but no seat belts.

(from March to October)

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Your loved ones also want this big day to be unforgettable for you and would like to contribute to its success. Maybe it's a good idea to have the trip to your wedding ceremony that you have selected and in proper style given to you as an unforgettable wedding gift with souvenir value? I am happy to advise you.


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Sit back and relax
and enjoy your big day
from the beginning to the end.


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